benefits for businesses

  • Unique, innovative packaging system
  • Differentiate your products with this interactive bottle
  • Mix synergistic ingredients into single product
  • Make any current tablet or capsule into an isotonic solution

innovative, interactive & effective!

potential applications

  • Probiotics with prebiotic
  • Weight loss
  • Pediatric products
  • Nutricosmetics
  • Energy & Sports Nutrition
  • Stress reduction
  • Eye, heart or bone & joint health

Liquids vs. Pills

  • liquids are easier to swallow (especially for some seniors, children and people with digestive tract / intestinal issues and disease).
  • liquids offer the most flexibility with ingredient dosing as multiple ingredients can be added to a liquid (easier to drink a solution than take multiple tablets).
  • A tablet is compressed powders that must be broken down and converted into a liquid before any ingredient is available for absorption.
  • Liquids do not require any buffers, binders, lubricants or fillers, which can cause stomach upset and affect digestion.
  • ingredients in a solution have the greatest potential to work as intended.
  • the new shaker allows ingredients that were only available as a tablet or capsule previously to now be delivered with a great tasting liquid

The Challenge of Liquid Delivery SOLVED!

Thanks to its innovative technology, the New Shaker dual-chamber format provides a definitive solution to the problem of degradation of active ingredients in solution over a product’s shelf life. The dual-chamber design also brings a profound improvement in protecting the purity of active ingredients by providing a total barrier effect, which also guarantees product efficacy. This patented dual-chamber format from Bormioli Rocco has been used successfully for decades throughout Europe and is now available to businesses in the United States through Amerigo Laboratories.