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About the Shaker

Product manufacturers in various sectors (including the food, diet and pharmaceutical industries) often face the problem of short product shelf lives, particularly for multi-phase products. They frequently need to be supplied in multiple, single containers where the contained substances must be kept separate until they’re used in order not to lose properties and benefits. A good example of this are nutritional supplements – nowadays used not only by athletes but also by people trying to stay healthy. These sorts of products are making their way into average homes, and these new health product consumers demand safe and smart packaging in order not to lose product efficacy.

Bormioli Rocco has patented the “New Shaker”, a unique and effective single dose system geared toward the extemporaneous mixture of liquids and powders. Of course, the system isn’t limited to health products, it can also be used for energy drinks, traditional oral medical applications, hair treatments, skin care tonics – just imagine a treatment packaged in convenient, single-serve bottles that can be placed in a bag and taken to work!

The delivery method for getting a pre-measured powder into a specific amount of liquid is simple:

  1. Screw the cap clockwise so that the powder drops into the liquid.
  2. Shake it.
  3. Unscrew the cap counter-clockwise and it’s ready for use.

The company even offers an advanced version of the container that’s ideal for probiotics and other products that are particularly sensitive to moisture. In short, the product represents an innovative proposal for the market: it’s fun and easy to use for the end-consumer, it extends the shelf-life of active ingredients, it’s ideal for companies looking to market a product in a unique and genuinely useful containment system, and it’s pocket sized to boot – some really big noise from a small product.


Benefits for Product Owners

  • 1

    Ideal for companies looking
    to market a product in a genuinely
    useful packaging system


  • 2

    A unique opportunity to differentiate
    your business with a incredibly
    new product


  • 3

    Customizable in terms of size
    (capacity from 5 ml to 60 ml), colors
    and decoration

  • 4

    Ideal for adding any ingredient
    to a drink, water-soluble or

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New Shaker

Benefits for Consumers

  • 1

    Easy to use & fun for the end


  • 2

    Activation by the end-consumer


  • 3

    No more measuring spoons or

  • 4

    Designed for individual extemporaneous,
    ensuring perfect dosing

  • 5

    Packaged in convenient, singleserve
    bottles that can be taken
    with you

  • 6

    Senior-friendly cap key available

Quality Standarts

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