The Liquid Advantage

The intent of this comparison is to showcase the differences between taking a liquid supplement versus a hard format (pill) supplement.

While Amerigo Laboratories promotes the use of the New Shaker, we still want to be as non-biased as possible as we explain why taking stable powder ingredients (located in the plug/plunger combination under the cap) with ingredients that have been proven to be stable in a liquid can be more beneficial than a pill.

To be clear, the New Shaker packaging format is not exactly the same as comparing a typical liquid supplement to a pill.  The current liquid supplements being compared to pills are sold in 8 to 16 ounce bottles and are usually for multiple day use.  New Shaker products are usually a single-dose type format.

There are many reasons to investigate using a liquid format as a viable option.  A liquid has no need for binders, lubricants, fillers, buffers or animal or vegetable based sheathing, all of which can cause stomach upset.  The liquid could also be sweetened with sugars as carbohydrates may stimulate the digestive system and enhance nutrient absorption.

The main reason pills are currently more accepted has nothing to do with how good, bad or immediate they work.  It is simple economics; pills are less expensive to make and sell versus the same dosage in a liquid.

The ingredients packaged in the plug/plunger combination of the New Shaker are actually like a tablet in that they are still in powder form; however, they are not compressed like a tablet, so they do not have to be completely broken down into smaller and smaller pieces by the body before they are available for absorption.  Because New Shaker powders are still in the same form as the day they were made, they are also very pure and stable.

We are not implying that every ingredient needs to, or even can, be absorbed quickly.  One of the greatest features of the New Shaker is that it ensures that every ingredient is made available as soon as it is taken, which allows every ingredient the opportunity to have a high absorption rate by the body.  Pills can be difficult for some people to take, including seniors, children and others with diminished body systems.  The New Shaker allows consumers to be able to comfortably and conveniently take what they need.

There are many documented studies and trials that have shown the differences and advantages of ingredients taken via a liquid format versus a pill format. The evidence makes it clear that there is a need for the New Shaker packaging system.  It gives a more stable and diverse option for the consumer that wants to take a dietary supplement, while ensuring that the ingredients are being absorbed with the greatest potential to work as intended.

To now have a viable replacement for any pill format supplement opens up new markets forLiquid vs Pills seniors, children and consumers that have difficulty taking pills but want the benefits that a daily supplement provides.  As any ingredient can now be put in a liquid format using the New Shaker, product opportunities are endless.

As a supplier of supplements to increasingly knowledgeable consumers, wouldn’t you want to offer your customers the option of having stable functional ingredients that provide the most benefit as effectively as possible?

Like a nitroglycerin tablet or headache powder, the New Shaker allows your ingredients to work immediately.  It will expand an existing portfolio of products or allow you to start your product line with the newest offering to a growing health-conscious population!

The patented New Shaker from Bormioli Rocco is a proven success in Europe and is gaining global popularity.  Now available in the U.S. through Amerigo Laboratories, it is the newest and most advanced dual-chamber solution to instantly mix powders and liquid at the point of use!